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Unofficial home of the Road Warriors of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball

Pennsylvania Road Warriors 2003 Season Awards

As the season drifts off into unconsciousness, it is time to recognize those valiant souls who persisted in spite of great personal hardship and lack of fan support.

Dario Delgado 2003 Season Unofficial MVP
(based on most awards. Sorry no car involved)

Most At Bats (as a Road Warrior): Jerry Amador 429 official At Bats, (467 plate appearances)
Most Game Appearances Jerry Amador 118 (out of 124 games)
Runs Scored Jerry Amador 53 crosses of the plate.
Hits Dario Delgado 113 (Sorry, Jerry!)
Total Bases Dario Delgado 199 visits to those sacred bags
Doubles Dario Delgado 20 two-baggers to his resume
Triples Gustavo Escobar 5 for the one-time Duck
Home Run King Dario Delgado 22 balls left the building
Runs Batted In Jerry Amador 68 runners delivered home
Sacrifice Hits Mike Lopez-Cao 6 bunts to help his fellow Warriors move on
Sacrifice Flys Jerry Amador 9 balls that did not quite leave the building
Hit By Pitch Jerry Amador 9 bruises taken for the team
Bases on Balls Dario Delgado 31 times he struck fear into opposing pitching
Intentional Passes Dario Delgado 6 times they didn't give him a chance
Stolen Bases Gustavo Escobar 21 thefts to his credit (got caught 13 times)
Batting Average (over 60 games) Gary Johnson .321 batting in 72 games
On Base Percentage Gary Johnson .381 on base percentage
Slugging Percentage Dario Delgado .509 power rating


Wins Eddy Ramos 5 times credited
Losses Steve Gagliano 12 games that weren't all his fault but he took the blame without complaining (too much)
Saves Greg Runser 6 games saved
Earned Run Average Eddy Ramos 3.72 earned runs per 9 innings
Game Appearances Eddy Ramos 44 trips of courage
Starting Appearances Pat Daneker 20 times he led the team into certain ....
Complete Games Pat Daneker 3 time he went all the way (on the field that is)
Shut Outs Pat Daneker,
Julian Heredia
1 complete game shutout each (Heredia only appeared in 5 games)
Total Batters Faced Pat Daneker 501 opponents taken on
Innings Pitched Pat Daneker 110 trips to the mound
Strike Outs Eddy Ramos 53 opposing batters taken down swinging

Honorable Mentions (or the Oh! What could have been! Awards)

Not that offten On Base Percentage Eddy Ramos Made one plate appeareance in the entire season and walked for a 1.000 On Base Percent
High Batting Average Alexis Hernandez Played only 2 games and went 3 for 9 for a .333 average. 
Over/Under Achievement Award Julian Heredia Breifly with the team for 5 games including a Complete Game Shutout

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